Monday, 25 October 2010 00:51

Patch incoming for bad company 2

Battlefield community manager zh1nt0 has hinted on the contents of the new bad company 2 patch for the PC. Confirmed features in update as follows:

-One of the Insignia's requiring an unobtainable Bronze star for the tracer dart – requirement removed.

- Hit registration changes brought over from MOH to BC2; several bugfixes, the clientserver send rates have been increased, some of the hitboxes themselves have been changed. This will increase the accuracy of guns, but will not make much of a difference to the knife.
Removed the blue box behind the chat window.

- The 2-second immunity when spawning/being revived can will now be immediately remove either by firing, zooming, or any movement (move, crouch, jump). Merely looking around will not remove the invulnerability. In essence: If a person moves, he is never invulnerable.

- 3D vision fixed.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010 20:17

Battlefield 3 Will Get Extra PC Attention

BattlefieldBannerIt is fairly well known by now that DICE has been working on Battlefield 3 since at least last year. We haven't heard much about the officially unannounced title, and while this isn't really news I'm sure a DICE employee merely saying 'Battlefield' and '3' in the same sentence should excite most.

A couple weeks ago DICE Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan 'Demize99' Kertz tweeted that him as well as other Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2 veterans are working on Battlefield 3.

Aside from that, Mr. Kertz also made a post in the EA UK forums explaining how weapons were tweaked on console and PC in Bad Company 2. He talks about how PC needs special attention and intends to give Battlefield 3 just that. There is still hope for us PC players.
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 06:14

An Honest review of MOH

MOHBannerHere is a excellent and honest review i found by our friends over at RockPaperShotgun   i thought you might enjoy.

I’ve finished the single player campaign of the reboot of Medal of Honour, and I’m fully prepared to tell you Wot I Think. The multiplayer is such a separate game that it was developed by a separate studio, and we’ll be reviewing it after the game’s been out a while. (We’re going with “HonoUr” just because it saves wiggly red lines when typing.) So below is a WIT of the single player campaign.

fpbattlefieldIt is launch week for Medal of Honor, the first person shooter from Danger Close that DICE created the multiplayer section for. In our first in a series of interviews this week, we talk with Lars Gustavsson about the ancestry of Battlefield, how a 30-polygon jet got him into the industry, and the joy of returning to a genre he helped create almost a decade ago.

Veteran Lead Designer Lars Gustavsson liked to draw and play with Lego as a child. Growing up, he studied art and knew he wanted to end up working either with movies or in the games industry. As it turned out, he would become one of the main people paving the way for the entire Battlefield series.

Friday, 24 September 2010 12:20

Video games lead to faster decisions

fpnewsStudy suggests that video games could be training tool for quicker reactions

Cognitive scientists from the University of Rochester have discovered that playing action video games trains people to make the right decisions faster. The researchers found that video game players develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them, and this benefit doesn't just make them better at playing video games, but improves a wide variety of general skills that can help with everyday activities like multitasking, driving, reading small print, keeping track of friends in a crowd, and navigating around town.

In an upcoming study in the journal Current Biology, authors Daphne Bavelier, Alexandre Pouget, and C. Shawn Green report that video games could provide a potent training regimen for speeding up reactions in many types of real-life situations.

Monday, 13 September 2010 06:23

COD : Black Ops dedicated servers ??


Dedicated servers but not as we know it.

Just when PC gamers thought that they had reclaimed the Call of Duty series, they learned on Friday that they had been let down once again. As reported by IGN, Activision and Treyarch announced an exclusive deal making the only dedicated server provider for Call of Duty: Black Ops when the game launches in November.

According to the GameServers pre-order page, players wishing to purchase a dedicated server will be required to shell out $14.95 a month for an 18 maximum player limit on ranked servers. Unranked servers will cost $0.99 a month per player up to maximum of 24, with Teamspeak support costing an additional fee. Discounts will be offered for a 3, 6, and 12 month prepay.

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