BF3 Demo?? YES!

22 April 2011
BF3 Demo?? YES! - 5.0 out of 5 based on BF3 Demo?? YES! 1 vote
Cat's out the bag folks, and the info is straight from the horses mouth. Well DICE's Patrick Bach's mouth in a recent interview with xbox world. Yes I know the info we really wanted BUT later revealed Patrick did not mean a demo as such,...

Trackmania 2 Info!

21 April 2011
While no secret has been made of Trackmania 2's development, with its first reveal dating back to over a year ago, it has been a while since we have seen much about the game itself. In the original trailer we saw that the game was taking a more 'realistic' art design th...

IGN Pro SC2 League Begins!

21 April 2011
To kick off Rush's coverage of SC2, what better way to do so than to do so with a brand new spanking tournament to follow? The much anticipated IGN Pro League is a North American league where 16 top tier players lock horns in a double elimination tournament, all wi...

Operation Flashpoint Red River Released

20 April 2011
Operation Flashpoint Red River is released today, and is looking to be one pretty sweet tactical FPS experience. The game developers have made a massive focus about squad play and co-op in all modes. The campaign is fully drop-in/drop-out co-operative play, as you lead...

Battlefield 3 - 12 Minute video unlocked

16 April 2011
Thanks to the kind people over at DICE we now have access to the full 12 minute video just released on the Facebook Page. If you have some spare time and even if you dont i suggest you make time to watch this eagerly anticipated Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video... ... And ...

The Battlefield 3 Trailer

15 April 2011
A New Battlefield 3 video has emerged this time showing some previous footage edited in a different way but also base-jumping, jet-fighting, tank-battles, and a city on fire so with no further ado here is the Battlefield 3 Gameplay Debut.
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