Battlefield 3 Conquest Caspian Border Gameplay

16 August 2011
As we all know GamesCon is on our doorstep and the build up to it from EA begins early today. A Pre-event press conference was held and streamed live over the Internet for us all to see and gape at in shock and awe. Let's just get it out the way with guys - we got a goo...

BF3: Origin Beta

04 August 2011
BF3: Origin Beta - 4.0 out of 5 based on BF3: Origin Beta 2 votes
Short yet sweet news for all BF3 fans. While everyone recently has been confused over who to pre order their copy of BF3 with, as various stores around the globe all offer something different to one another, EA has stepped up and given all the die hard fans a reason to ...

Diablo 3 - Evil Auction House Rises

02 August 2011
Diablo 3 probably makes it into many peoples top 3 most anticipated games currently in development, and is a game personally I am really looking forward to. The hack and slash click-em-up is a genre that is at its core so simple yet satisfying, and when matched with the...

Dota 2 "The International" e-Sports explosion?

02 August 2011
Dota 2 "The International" e-Sports explosion? - 5.0 out of 5 based on Dota 2 "The International" e-Sports explosion? 1 vote
Gamescon, August 17th-21st, Valve has put possibly the biggest e-sports prize up for grabs for 16 hand picked Dota teams to battle over in the very first Dota 2 tournament. A massive $1million is the prize for the winner, and for everyone outside of those top 16 teams w...

Brink Championship Semi Finals live on ESL TV

25 July 2011
Brink Championship Semi Finals live on ESL TV - 5.0 out of 5 based on Brink Championship Semi Finals live on ESL TV 1 vote
With the ESL Brink Championship entering a decisive phase, ESL TV has prepared something special for all the supporters. Both semi-final matches will be broadcasted live in the exclusive Brink TV show featuring no other than Joe Miller. The person to join him in the stu...

IPL2 - The Europeans Invade

14 July 2011
Today marks the beginning of IGN's Pro SC2 league, the IPL - cunningly named the IPL2. The second season looks to follow the high production value of the original season, and during the qualifying phase IGN has been trying to expand the amount of casters available to gi...
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