BF3: Origin Beta

04 August 2011
BF3: Origin Beta - 4.0 out of 5 based on BF3: Origin Beta 2 votes
Short yet sweet news for all BF3 fans. While everyone recently has been confused over who to pre order their copy of BF3 with, as various stores around the globe all offer something different to one another, EA has stepped up and given all the die hard fans a reason to pre-order via their online store Origin. Pre order today and the Origin deal will get you the Back To Karkand expansion pack (classic BF maps in the frostbite 2 engine), the physical warfare pack (set of exclusive guns) and the holy grail that is 48hrs early access to the beta. Yes YOU could be the first person crashing to your desktop in the beta. The first person to try every single set of drivers for you GFX card to get the beta working. The first person to be collecting dog tags of Battlefield noobs. Seriously though its an interesting reason to go with Origin, and fingers crossed the BF3 Beta will have none of the 'typical' Beta bugs I just mentioned, general buzz from the alpha and first looks from various sites and magazines suggest BF3 is shaping up to be very very sweet. As usual, Team Rush will see you on the Battlefield!
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