The rush organization consist of a long established core of gamers with graphical, technical, maintenance and modding skills, That has ensured that the organization has always been self sufficient and resourceful. Couple that with a friendly, inviting atmosphere and it's no wonder that the organization has been such a stable part of the gaming community since 2007.

One of many rush projects is, RushTV, a live streaming and Video On Demand service focusing on broadcasting notable matches for Electronic Sports League in their online Battlefield 2 Nations Championships and Premier League divisions, as well as testing the water with the Call of Duty 4 Benelux Series tournaments. Since inception, the streaming service has garnered excellent feedback and through a series of improvements have become the de rigueur streaming service for these burgeoning communities.

The Rush Organization has established media partner status with ESL,, and Clanbase and has direct association with the leading content delivery service Bit Gravity - for a truly high quality streaming service. Through sheer hard work and persistence with what was a small project with excellent development potential, RushTV has grown into an impressive addition to the Rush Organization portfolio.

And serving as a home for RushTV, we have or community page, where gamers can come and read news, discuss different topics, and share pictures and videos with other users, in an easy to use and friendly atmosphere.

Exciting times are ahead for Rush- who knows what the future holds?

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