Monday, 26 September 2011 16:45

Battlefield 3 : Above and Beyond the Call

fpbf3originbannerThe latest Full length game play video/ TV Ad from Battlefield 3 shows off some never before seen footage of BF3 and features the hit song "99 Problems" by Jay-Z.
Not only does the video show off Battlefield 3 to look superior in many ways to Call of Duty at the end of the video there is a slap to the face aimed at the rival franchise, "Above and Beyond the Call".
With Frostbite 2's destruction engine and the implementation of vehicles with conquest mode, there is no doubt that Battlefield 3 will rize above.

See you on the Battlefield soldiers :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 20:34

Battlefield 3 Open Beta starts 29th September!

fpbf3originbannerYes people, the date we have all been waiting for has finally been revealed, with the BF3 open beta scheduled for the end of the month. You just need to check out the official EA BF3 Beta section on the 29th September to sign up and download the Beta. Unfortunately for those of you who have played the Alpha you will not be seeing a new map or game mode for the Beta as it is still going to be on the Operation Metro map, and support the Rush mode only.

You will have approximately 12 days to play the Beta as it ends on October 10 and for those of you who are looking to play BF3 competitively, our sources at The ESL ensure us that there are going to be day cups throughout the Beta.
Issues surrounding the limits on the number of soldiers and soldier names have also been raised in which only one soldier and name are allowed to be created per account.

ESL and RushTV have partnered up once again for Battlefield 3 for the open beta cups hosted with ESL

Saturday, 10 September 2011 23:55

Battlefield 3 Guillotine Gameplay

fpbf3originbannerHere we have some more amazing footage from the upcoming EA/Dice game Battlefield 3, this time its from the single player mission Operation Guillotine.

The non-linear story in Battlefield 3 is told by way of a frame narrative where U.S. Marines Staff Sgt. Henry "Black" Blackburn is being interrogated about recent world-shaking events. What the player actually plays are Black's recollections of the events where a new threat known as the PLR caused him to be involved in military joint operation all across the globe.

As the single player campaign takes players from Paris and New York to the dustbowl of the Tehran desert and beyond, they will also walk in the shoes of several different characters from different branches of the Armed Forces. Each playable character in Battlefield 3 allows the player to obtain his (or her) own perspective of the chaotic events that transpire, giving us the opportunity to explore the human psyche and what it means to be human.


fpbf3originbannerThe latest gameplay video of Battlefield 3 shows off some deadly bonus content including the DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun, Type 88 Light Machine Gun, flechette ammo for the DAO-12, and a flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle.
The Physical Warfare Pack comes with new weapons and unlocks as pre order bonuses when purchased at select retailers and at Origin for the PC digital download version of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition.
And dont worry if you are not willing to pre-order because all the items will be unlockable through online gameplay as normal.

fpbattlefield3-bannerAs we all know GamesCon is on our doorstep and the build up to it from EA begins early today. A Pre-event press conference was held and streamed live over the Internet for us all to see and gape at in shock and awe. Let's just get it out the way with guys - we got a good look at planes in a short 2min trailer. There will almost certainly be more footage and actual hands on opinions when GamesCon opens it's door to the public on the 18th (17th is press only).. Roll on the trailer which shows us choppers, planes dog fighting, a new conquest map named Caspian Border, and also a little robot you will fall in love with :)

As you can see the game looks more amazing the more footage EA release, and as mentioned before there is most certainly more to come! At the end of GamesCon we will update you on everything revealed from the event so you do not miss a thing!


@l_twin Genral manager for dice has just confirmed there will be a commo rose on the PC version of Battlefield 3

Thursday, 04 August 2011 10:56

BF3: Origin Beta

fpbf3originbannerShort yet sweet news for all BF3 fans. While everyone recently has been confused over who to pre order their copy of BF3 with, as various stores around the globe all offer something different to one another, EA has stepped up and given all the die hard fans a reason to pre-order via their online store Origin. Pre order today and the Origin deal will get you the Back To Karkand expansion pack (classic BF maps in the frostbite 2 engine), the physical warfare pack (set of exclusive guns) and the holy grail that is 48hrs early access to the beta.

Yes YOU could be the first person crashing to your desktop in the beta. The first person to try every single set of drivers for you GFX card to get the beta working. The first person to be collecting dog tags of Battlefield noobs. Seriously though its an interesting reason to go with Origin, and fingers crossed the BF3 Beta will have none of the 'typical' Beta bugs I just mentioned, general buzz from the alpha and first looks from various sites and magazines suggest BF3 is shaping up to be very very sweet.

As usual, Team Rush will see you on the Battlefield!

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