Battlefield 3 Nations Cup

26 January 2012
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In This year's Clanbase Nations cup, We more than welcome the battlefield series back with open arms.It's always nice to see the battlefield series in the nations cup and this year it's the world's first for Battlefield 3. There's some serious competition this year, with the likes of Russia and Spain doing well in the 8v8 ladders. Im just glad were not against them in the qualifers :D


The UK in group B, went against Serbia in thier first match on "Grand Bazaar", Dominating both rounds and walking away victorious with the ticket count 426 - 0.

And here we have the ingame footage from our very own RZ Scribbles and RZ Mazi

Not a bad start to the tournament :)

Whats you're view's on the cup and who do you think will walk away, crowned Champion!

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