fpbf3originbannerThe latest gameplay video of Battlefield 3 shows off some deadly bonus content including the DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun, Type 88 Light Machine Gun, flechette ammo for the DAO-12, and a flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle.
The Physical Warfare Pack comes with new weapons and unlocks as pre order bonuses when purchased at select retailers and at Origin for the PC digital download version of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition.
And dont worry if you are not willing to pre-order because all the items will be unlockable through online gameplay as normal.

fpbattlefield3-bannerAs we all know GamesCon is on our doorstep and the build up to it from EA begins early today. A Pre-event press conference was held and streamed live over the Internet for us all to see and gape at in shock and awe. Let's just get it out the way with guys - we got a good look at planes in a short 2min trailer. There will almost certainly be more footage and actual hands on opinions when GamesCon opens it's door to the public on the 18th (17th is press only).. Roll on the trailer which shows us choppers, planes dog fighting, a new conquest map named Caspian Border, and also a little robot you will fall in love with :)

As you can see the game looks more amazing the more footage EA release, and as mentioned before there is most certainly more to come! At the end of GamesCon we will update you on everything revealed from the event so you do not miss a thing!


@l_twin Genral manager for dice has just confirmed there will be a commo rose on the PC version of Battlefield 3

Thursday, 04 August 2011 10:56

BF3: Origin Beta

fpbf3originbannerShort yet sweet news for all BF3 fans. While everyone recently has been confused over who to pre order their copy of BF3 with, as various stores around the globe all offer something different to one another, EA has stepped up and given all the die hard fans a reason to pre-order via their online store Origin. Pre order today and the Origin deal will get you the Back To Karkand expansion pack (classic BF maps in the frostbite 2 engine), the physical warfare pack (set of exclusive guns) and the holy grail that is 48hrs early access to the beta.

Yes YOU could be the first person crashing to your desktop in the beta. The first person to try every single set of drivers for you GFX card to get the beta working. The first person to be collecting dog tags of Battlefield noobs. Seriously though its an interesting reason to go with Origin, and fingers crossed the BF3 Beta will have none of the 'typical' Beta bugs I just mentioned, general buzz from the alpha and first looks from various sites and magazines suggest BF3 is shaping up to be very very sweet.

As usual, Team Rush will see you on the Battlefield!

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 12:01

Diablo 3 - Evil Auction House Rises

fpdiablo3bannerDiablo 3 probably makes it into many peoples top 3 most anticipated games currently in development, and is a game personally I am really looking forward to. The hack and slash click-em-up is a genre that is at its core so simple yet satisfying, and when matched with the promise of some shiney phat loot - it simply seems to be some form of addiction. The game currently draws closer and closer to the BETA stage everyone is waiting for, but before we get there Blizzard decided to announce quite possibly the most bizzare feature anyone could have possibly thought of - a "real cash" auction house build into the game along side the gold based one?

Thats right, come the launch of Diablo 3 -currently confirmed as "when its ready" - you can walk up to a boss, slay it, get some phat loot, go to the auction house, and sell it for IRL money. Wow....who saw that coming? Now there are some crappy little free-to-play games floating about that claim to do this sort of thing, but each and every one of them utterly fails, and the only other cash auctions I know about were in EVE, and they were sucesful due to heavy community and developer management. Blizzard I feel are the people to do this, and to do it right, and overal it's going to be a good thing for many people.

fpdota2bannerGamescon, August 17th-21st, Valve has put possibly the biggest e-sports prize up for grabs for 16 hand picked Dota teams to battle over in the very first Dota 2 tournament. A massive $1million is the prize for the winner, and for everyone outside of those top 16 teams we have the pleasure of seeing Dota 2 in action for the very first time, with the whole tournament being casted in multiple languages for us all to enjoy.

So in less than 3 weeks time, possibly a landmark e-sports game will be born via the brute force of Valve's wallet - it's certainly a good way to wash aside the competition in the MOBA scene (the game type Dota falls into) such as Heroe's of Newarth, the original Dota, and League of Legends. LoL and HoN have struggled to gain a place in e-sports, with LoL being the more successful of the two, and have never really drawn in much money - definitely no where near $1million. Valve plans to change this, and force Dota 2 into the e-sports scene by dangling a large bag of cash for all the MOBA players to see....quite a good plan actually!

So will Dota 2 be able to keep up with the pace Valve are setting? Only time will tell. The game certainly has a talented development team behind it, and is not to mention the one true sequel to Dota and has promised to stay true to the original, where as games like LoL seem to have watered down the Dota experience and made a new game completely. Hopefully Valve will be willing to support Dota 2 and its venture into the e-sports arena, as failure to have anyone follow up this simply massive tournament could result in 'just another MOBA' floating around the wannabe e-sports scene.

Fingers crossed Dota 2 amazes us all, and best of luck to the 16 teams competing at Gamescon...no pressure on them at all I'm sure :) All eyes on http://www.dota2.com/ for more info!

fpeslbrinkWith the ESL Brink Championship entering a decisive phase, ESL TV has prepared something special for all the supporters. Both semi-final matches will be broadcasted live in the exclusive Brink TV show featuring no other than Joe Miller. The person to join him in the studio will be mousesports' Brink player - Josh 'Josh' Lee.

Brink Championship Semi Finals

There will be two shows presenting one of the two semi-finals each. Apart from the live streams of the matches the shows will also include a short introduction and review of the tournament, an analysis of the played matches so far and an overall summary of the tournament.

      Mon, 25/07/11 21:30 CEST

Rush-Zone wOoHoOdY vs. sGs Gaming

      Tue, 26/07/11 21:00 CEST

Team Hardware4u vs. Epsilon eSports
All the Brink fans will be able to enjoy the show on ESL TV. The winners of the semi-finals will face at gamescom to compete in the ESL Brink Championship grand final, where a share of 15,000 Euro is at stake.

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