Thursday, 12 May 2011 06:19

Portal 2 Authoring Tools

fpportal2bannerToday the good old guys and gals at valve are opening up the beta of the Portal 2 Authoring Tools to everyone! It's available as a free download for all owners of the PC version of Portal 2 and can be found under the "Tools" tab in Steam.

The Portal 2 Authoring Tools include versions of the same tools we used to make Portal 2. They'll allow you to create your own singleplayer and co-op maps, new character skins, 3D models, sound effects, and music.

Here's what's included:
- Updated version of Hammer, the Source level editor
- Updated Faceposer
- Example maps and instances to help build new maps
- Updated suite of command-line compiling utilities

Wednesday, 11 May 2011 21:21

Brink Config Program v1.2 on FilePlanet

fpbrinkbannerOur Brink config program v1.2 can now be found on the frontpage of 
This program is to be used with the Brink it allows you to configure settings that are not in the in game menus.

This program has been developed from another previous program for Crysis 2, this program got over 30k downloads and 6 versions released.

Monday, 09 May 2011 18:24

TF2 First Annual Saxxy Awards

fptf2saxyThose playing TF2 have probably noticed the main screen changing, showing the upcoming Saxxy Awards accompanied by..erm..that sound...bit dubious isn't it? Those up to date with their update history will know the replay update was last, and the Saxxy Awards directly link with this update.

It's basically in a nutshell, an Oscar/Grammy/Britt awards rip off, for TF2 movies. The TF2 community has in the past produced some simply outstanding video's, which I think is helped by the fact the the official ones from Valve are fantastic.

The full list of categories for the awards are as follows:

Brink is just 7 days away from release in the US and 10 days for us here in Europe. The game looks to bring some promise to the PC community, public server files have been announced and the recent videos show the game should suit the Battlefield community.

Big questions are still to be answered about the game; will it have proper pc support with actual recoil etc and will it support competitive play? So many games have been released over the last few years with the lack of instant pc support and competitive features; will Brink be the beginning of the end of this? It seems we won’t fully know until the game is released. As with most recent games the developer is keeping their cards close to their chest and are not releasing full information about the PC version.

One thing is sure that if there is support for client side config settings then we will have a config program released on day one of release. Building on the success that was the Crysis 2 Configurator with aproximately 35,000 downloads since the demo version, the Brink configurator will be fine tunned and ready to launch for release day one. I have already started modifying the code ready for Brink’s release and I am waiting on hearing about the available client settings!

Follow me on twitter the developer of the Crysis2Config program and I will keep you updated with the progress of the program!

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 12:16

IPL Comes to a close


Thus far I have not given any spoilers out for any of the games, but sadly this news was left a bit late as it contains spoilers - highlight the black spot to see the winner. As you have seen EGIdra....... gave a great performance throughout the entire IPL and managed to pull of the win, however both players gave a great set of games for the final - if you have not seen them then go watch them over at the IGN Website - they are still avaliable for free and the quality of the VOD's is utterly fantastic - link below.

Overall the IPL has blown myself and practically all of the SC2 community away with disbelief, other than some tit releasing spoilers early on the event was a flawless victory, meeting the quality of the Korean shows and setting the standard for the American SC2 scene. Here's hoping Season 2 is just as good, if not better - so stay tuned for more information about the who/what/where/when about the event so you don't miss a thing!

Final words and thanks go to all the casters,, and for putting out a fantastic event - 10/10 !

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 02:58

Firefall Free 2 Play

fpfirefallbannerA little bit Team Fortres 2, a little bit Tribes,Firefall is set 200 years in Earth’s future where (and when) humanity is on the brink of annihilation at the hands of an insectoid alien race. Several persistent world MMOFPS games like PlanetSide, Global Agenda, and Tabula Rasa have come and gone but Firefall looks to transform the genre.

With a stellar development team whose members include the team lead of World of Warcraft and lead designer of Tribes, Firefall promises high production value and a sleek, original art style. Players will be able to work cooperatively to overcome alien forces, or take part in a variety of competitive multiplayer game modes. Firefall is already accepting beta applications, but is not scheduled for release until the end of 2011.

You can sign up for the beta over at

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