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New Battlefield 3 Screen-shots

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Well here we go some more scans of whats to be this years biggest game Battlefield 3. Thanks to our friends over at, German editor Fabian Siegismund also played the demo level but describes it in another way and gives more detail to the destruction. Here is an example: when the huge building collapses during the earthquake it buries and destroys a Blackhawk helicopter. Patrick Bach says that debris can hurt characters. Important here: we are talking about the singleplayer. Not tested or confirmed for the multiplayer.

Talking about the multiplayer the text contains a short summary about the multiplayer aspects editor Siegismund was able to see. I’ll give you that aspects in form of a list. Most important fact but most likely a typo or mistake: 32 players for the console.

  • At a screen there were four classes with five slots for equipment. No further word about the details of the equipment is given
  • Siegismund says that he has seen a F-16 and a Su-27 Jet. Important here: there is a render / picture at the article that shows a F-18 Super Hornet and not a F-16. Don’t know if this means the existence of both jets or a typo.
  • Siegesmund talks about a “Replay-Function which was also included in Battlefield 2”. In our opinion he is talking about the Battlerecorder (as a function to replay whole games). His statement concerning this function: “DICE is playing around with a feasible version for BF3”. The function is not confirmed.
  • Sound: DICE is working with a revised system for the sound that enables players to detect from where a vehicle or enemy soldier is coming. Every object (aka tank, helicopter) has up to 80 soundchannels with different sounds from different angles.
  • Singleplayer: there will be Quicktime-Events where you have to push the mouse buttons to win a fight. The example here: an enemy tries to stab you with a knife and you have to defend you (knock him down / kill him).

[lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-1.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-2.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-3.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-5.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-6.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-7.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-8.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/bf3/battlefield3-9.jpg[/lightbox]


Thanks to our friends over at and

More news and scans today keep your eyes on for all your Battlefield 3 news.

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