Thursday, 06 May 2010 20:36

Stockholm, we have a problem


Rush-Zones very own Martin ‘nKM’ Bowman wonders if games developers in 2010 really listen at all?
It’s hard to be proactive as a gamer when game developers won’t talk to you...

Would you agree with that statement? I’ve been mulling it around in my head for a couple of days consciously and probably for a few months subconsciously. Let me explain it a little more. What I should have said was “It’s hard to be proactive in a gaming community when your games developer won’t communicate with you, the gamer”..

Saturday, 01 May 2010 18:42

Call of duty Black Ops


Just released was a short teaser trailer of the upcoming title from the Call of Duty series labelled as Black Ops. The 7th game in the series is set for release on November 9th 2010 with the games dev opting to release the title early along with the date for release, lets hope it’s not too premature. Unlike the recent release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 the game is being created by Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward, Treyarch have created other Call of Duty titles such as United Offensive, Call of Duty 3 and more recently Call of Duty World at War, Check out the HD reveal trailer below...


In an article from "Darius Kazemi"reported some statistics on how long it takes to reach the highest rank in the DICE shooter Battlefield Bad Company 2.Apparently it takes 282 hours on average, to reach the highest rank (50). To come up with this number, 3,373 player profiles where analyzed. Compare that to the 1400 + hours it takes to reach the highest rank in Battlefield 2

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 10:53

Split Second

rz split second banner

Well here is a cool looking racer from Disney studios of all people, Due out next month "Split/Second is a racing game, but you're racing through an adventure game." So says Jason Green, ambassador for Black Rock Studio, the developer of the upcoming action-packed racing game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC...

fpnewsUbisoft's always-on digital rights management solution, dubbed the "Online Services Network," has apparently been circumvented by hackers. News of its arrival on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks began circulating in places like social-news site Reddit Wednesday morning.

Friday, 23 April 2010 13:45

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

fpnewsPreview of Sniper: Ghost Warrior, An upcoming title from City Interactive. Is it worth the wait? City Interactive is a well known company for Polish gamers creating low budget first pearson shooters. With their main idea being, seemingly, to do as much as possible whilst keeping thier costs and time spent in development to a minimum.
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