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Battlefield 3 Fault Line Series Episode I

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fpbattlefield3-bannerDICE posted a new Battlefield 3 single player gameplay trailer on the  official Battlefield site. The trailer shows a lot of the scenes we have  seen from the screenshots seen in various gaming magazines. Also we have 3 new images relesed from GDC showcasing the US' middle eastern occupation and the new drag to cover mechanic, The trailer reveals much of what we've already seen in magazines, but  seeing the drag mechanic in action, we learn it's controlled by the WASD  keys and that therefore this is PC footage. The story premise for the  single player mode is also revealed.

[utube] FaultLineEpisode1.mp4[/utube]

[lightbox2]/images/bf3/bf3_school_gdc.jpg[/lightbox2] [lightbox2]/images/bf3/bf3_sniper_gdc.jpg[/lightbox2] [lightbox2]/images/bf3/bf3_stagingarea_gdc.jpg[/lightbox2]


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