Planetside 2 Revealed by Sony

08 July 2011
Planetside 2 Revealed by Sony - 5.0 out of 5 based on Planetside 2 Revealed by Sony 1 vote
Back in 2003 I was pretty hooked with a bunch of mates on a game called Planetside. It was the first full on attempt to do the dirty work of merging the terms "MMO" and "FPS" together, and what a cracking game it was. Over the last few years SOE have been working on the follow up, cunningly named Planestside 2, and over on there has been a little counter going ever so slowly down to zero...and this is what we got when it reached the end.

As you can see from the trailer, Planetside 2 is looking super sweet. Biggest issue back when the original was released were the graphics were a bit...crap...and the engine when faced with 1000's of people all fighting over one location...kinda broke a lot of peoples connection to the game lol. In 2011 however, these technical boundaries are no more (even though you wouldn't think it at times :P) and the potential epicness Planetside 2 could reach is unmeasurable. Many players here at Rush dread the term MMO and mock those of us that play them - but I think this game could be one exception!

The batles in Planetside 2 can be fought on 3 sides. The three "races" are the Terran Republic (aka humans), the New Conglomerate (aka rebels), and the Vanu Sovereignty (aka techheads). These 3 races have distinct art styles and weaponry, expect the Terran to have more balistic and chunky equipment, where as the Vanu may have more lasers and shiny equipment. The war will feature many weapons, explosives, jet packs, ground vehicles, and even air vehicles. This is definitely a game to keep an eye on, and with a promised BETA head over to to sign up for more news, and check back here to keep up to date when more news is announced.

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