Meet the Medic - Now for FREE!

29 June 2011
Recently TF2 has been hitting the headlines with the announcment of its new "Meet The Medic" patch. The patch has the usual host of guns, hats, sticks, knives, swords, bundles, name it, the patch has it. Big news of the patch though is you can now login to Steam and find you can download TF2 - for free!

If you have not played this beast of a team based FPS then what the hell have you being doing? Valve up until now have practically chucked it at you all for as little as £2.50 - but now they are slapping you round the face with it for FREE. Go get it installed, patched up, and get ready to rock. Your at no disadvantage by playing for free - everyone gets random drops all the time and you could land one of the new weapons on the very first day! The more you play, the more you stand to get - and there is PLENTY to collect in TF2. If you want a bit of a kick start head to the store, and for as little as 59p you can give your favourite class a quick unlock of the first "tier" of unlocks, or if you really mean buisness you can spend up to about £50 on unlocking the ENTIRE meet the medic update's worth of weapons....and theres people who DO get these...who said play for free wasn't profitable?

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