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Homefront is coming

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With the recent flurry of anecdotal information regarding the battlefield series successor. Many games may have been pushed out of the limelight before they even had a chance to shine.

One of these games could be Homefront. Homefront could possibly be breaking into the multi-player competitive gaming scene in the absence of a battlefield teamwork orientated game suitable for competition.

There is a general consensus throughout professional gaming about some of the necessary features required within a game to make it competition worthy. Some of these features in the gamers checklist are rather simple such as demo recording, dedicated servers or even something as basic as a console. However the majority of recent "triple AAA" standard games have been mediocre at best from a competitive standpoint.

Hopefully Homefront can change this, and from all the information we have available at the minute, its definitely a possibility. It seems ESL also has alot of hope in Homefront becoming a great competitive FPS game by accepting it into the ESL Amateur Series before its official public release.


What is Homefront? Homefront is a new first person shooter developped by Kaos studios and Digital Extremes. I'm sure the majority of avid FPS fans out there will recognise Digital Extremes the co-developers of Unreal Tournament.

Well they're back with another new game and this time, instead of co-developing a game with Epic Games, they're tagging alongside Kaos Studios. Kaos studios is a relatively new game development studio who some of you may not have heard of before. However, that does not mean they're new to the game industry. Since before THQ employed them as "Kaos Studios" they were better known as Trauma studios.

Trauma studios brought us the Desert Combat mod for battlefield 1942 and helped co-produce a game close to everyones hearts here at rush-zone, Battlefield 2. So, long story short, we know both these development studios can come up with the goods.

A nice Video of someone playing pubic

[lightbox]/images/stories/rushzone/homefront/ScreenShot00043.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/stories/rushzone/homefront/ScreenShot00109.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/stories/rushzone/homefront/ScreenShot00154.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/stories/rushzone/homefront/ScreenShotScreenShot00177.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/stories/rushzone/homefront/ScreenShot00236.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]/images/stories/rushzone/homefront/ScreenShot00254.jpg[/lightbox]

So, why should I pay attention to Homefront? Well, firstly if the combination of Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 2 co-developers didn’t wet your appetite then its good we have some solid information that might help you get hyped up about this upcoming release.

Dedicated Servers - Real. Dedicated. Servers. Not "dedicated servers at selected server hosting companies".

LAN Mode - Yes, an actual LAN mode for localized network play.

Console - Yes, may seem small but its amazing how many big games miss such an important feature.

Demo Recording - Yes, Actual Demo Recording, with an in-game GUI interface.

Squads - Although not a major issue for the majority of FPS gamers, with Rush's background this is a major feature to some.

Competitive Support - Whilst having LAN, Dedi servers, Demo recording and a console. Homefront also gives us intermission timers before matches start as well as clan tags and the ability to completely switch complete teams from our beloved console.

Spectator Mode - Once again not necessarily important to some people, but for rush this is a huge benefit. we WILL be streaming Homefront games in the near future, more info to come. =]

ESL Amateur Series - Being accepted into the ESL Amateur series is a huge sign in ESL's confidence about this game.

Where can you find out more? Well thats easy. Follow the links below depending on what information you want.

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