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Battlefield 3 Teases Us Some More

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Our friends over at Drift Apex have done it again by releasing another great article about the recent Battlefield 3 bearings saying that "DICE will have you drooling over the game with the release of their new trailer."

Battlefield 3

As if the anticipation of waiting for Battlefield 3 wasn't hard enough to handle, DICE decided to release episode 3 of their Fault Line series titled Get That Wire Cut. Just like the last two episodes, this episode revealed enough to get mouths watering again. With so many things to get excited about in just 2 minutes and 34 seconds, it's hard to take it all in.

Absolutely everywhere you look in the trailer there are stunning visuals. It's clear that DICE took their sweet time with this one. The textures are crisp, the animations are flawless, and the ambient noises are enough to immerse anyone into the action. Frostbite 2, the newest version of Bad Company 2's destruction engine, shows off some more of it's feisty side. Bullets now seem to realistically chip away at anything in the environment, including any enemy unfortunate enough to catch one. Oh, and DICE promises a full 12 minute reveal on April 17th.

DICE has really stepped up to the plate since Battlefield 2. The single player experience promises to be one to remember. Throw in the visual experience and the Frostbite 2 engine, and there will undoubtedly be thousands calling in sick for work.

Henry. "Battlefield 3 Teases Us Some More." Drift Apex. 2 Apr. 2011. Web.

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