Battlefield 1942 For Free

06 November 2012
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To celebrate Battlefields 10th anniversary Battlefield 1942 the game that started it all for for the Battlefield franchise has got a new Leese of life by going FREE on Origin.Karl Magnus Troedsson, Vice President and General Manager of DICE, has a message to all of our fans: Since the beginning, the reception to the Battlefield series has been incredible thanks to our amazing fans. Every day, we strive to provide our community with great games and new ways to play as evident with Battlefield 3 Premium. We wanted to thank our fans who have supported us throughout the years with a chance to go back and play the game that started it all. More Information on the Battlefield BlogPersonally i think the best days of Battlefield has passed with the advent of the "ported console" stuff we have to put up with these days.but this is a great classic and deserves to be played again.
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