Bad Company 2 needs four cores?

07 February 2010
A lot of users report that they have difficulties getting a smooth experience in the Bad Company2 Beta with a dual core processor. The final version will be better optimized, but it appears that you need a quad core in the beta to get high FPS.                                      This is what "Contagion" can tell us from testing the beta with both a dual and a quad core.
"This was just released a few days ago and dispite some server issues, has been filled with players non stop.     

This game takes after Bad Company that was a console game which was very successful.

To get these results I ran a good 30 minute game online. I wanted to get a long game in to insure a good average fps. I used FRAPS to record my results.

Tests run in 1920x1080 4xAA HBAO OFF VSync OFF

Dual Core

Quad Core

Well thats a 2:1 performance ratio. Something tells me this game supports quad cores."

Read the full test : 

When we take a look at this information, it appears that you can get twice the frames per second with a quad core processor compared to a dual core. But remember this is just a beta, and there is no way of telling how the final produkt will run until we have it in our hands.

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