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“Repetition is the mother of all skills.” What that means is if you practice a task over and over again, you will get better at the task. Place emphasis on conducting the task repeatedly to standard if you are weak at a specific task. This process develops your “muscle memory” to the point where focused conscience thought is not required. The action becomes a reflex or habit.

Practice Offline
If you want to learn how to use a vehicle, in particular, helicopters and jets, you should practice off-line. Both types of aircraft can be difficult to master. Don’t degrade other peoples’ on-line gaming experience, handicap your team by using a piece of valuable equipment, or lower your own global stats by practicing on a 64/64 ranked server. Instead, start a "local" server, and join the game. The game won't start because there is only 1 player, but you can use all the equipment you want without fear of another player (in multi-player) or a bot (in single-player) getting to it first. Another option is to find empty servers, or servers where the game hasn't started due to insufficient players.

Watch Other Players
You can learn a lot by watching other players. Take note of successful actions and put it into your kit bag.

Know Your Maps
Know where you should and should not go when moving across the map or assaulting a position. This is invaluable information to preserve your soldier’s life and to terminate the lives of enemy soldiers.

Go Prone
When you are prone, you accomplish two very important things. First, you are a smaller, more difficult target to hit. Second, your weapon has greater stability and therefore is more accurate (a tighter shot group). You will survive longer and get more kills by going prone. You can also go prone when going down a steep hill, and you will slide down the hill instead of falling and getting injured.

Never under-estimate the benefits of crawling in the prone. Sure, it takes longer, but it can keep you from getting killed. The enemy can’t kill you if he is not able to detect your presence.

Using crouch can provide concealment behind some vegetation and cover behind some walls. Crouch will also improve your accuracy versus firing standing (off-hand).

Use Cover & Concealment
Use cover and concealment to mask your movement and position. Don't just stop in the middle of a street and start firing. You won’t last long. Take into consideration the enemy commander’s scan and overhead satellite viewing ability. When the enemy commander scans, he may or may not have the time to check-out your position. If he does check out your position, the concealment of a tree may place doubt as to your exact location. Another consideration is artillery. Concrete buildings and corrugated steel hangers and shelters will provide cover (protection) from artillery.

Use Sprint Wisely
When you double-tap your move “forward" key (default is W), or hit the "sprint" key (default is SHIFT) you will move at a much faster pace. On the lower left corner of your screen, you will see a sprint meter that indicates your endurance level to maintain a sprint. Different units have different levels of endurance. Kits with body armor are Assault and Anti-armor and have less endurance compared with Special Ops and Medics. Use your sprint power wisely. Identify your route and next position before you depart your current covered and concealed position. Once identified, sprint across open areas to your next covered and concealed position. Ensure you wait for your sprint meter to replenish fully, then sprint again. This way, you will be set-up for success in case you have to sprint farther than you thought, or have to sprint back to cover.

Stay Alert
Ensure you are always looking around. Be familiar with your surroundings. Identify your next target or prevent being the next KIA (Killed In Action).

Switch Kits
Are you almost out of ammo or health? Switch Kits. Stand close to a kit and press the pick up equipment key (Default G). This works for friend and foe kits. And you can switch back, if you like your original kit better. Did the medic player next to you just go down? Grab his kit and revive him.

Use Single Shot
If you select again a weapon you have already selected, you can toggle between single-shot or full automatic mode (usually key “3”). The firing mode indicator is in the bottom right corner. The selector mode indicator will display "1" for single, "3" for burst, or "A" for auto depending on the weapon type. Most players leave their weapons in single shot mode. There is an accuracy penalty when in full auto. In single shot mode, you are more accurate with each shot. At very close range, it won't make much difference. At more than 10 yds, consider going to the prone, using single shot mode, and using your sights.

Use Short Bursts
Even if you prefer being in full auto all the time, use short, controlled bursts rather than just holding down the fire key. You'll be more accurate and it will give you time to re-orient your crosshairs or iron sights. If you hold down the fire key, the weapon will climb higher and higher as you continue to fire. Vehicle and stationary machine guns have an overheat meter. Scanning, burst your fire, and reorienting will prevent overheating. If your enemy is prone, shoot a yard in front of him so the rise of your weapon will get him right in the head.

When you right-click, you look through the gun sights or scope, which makes you more accurate, especially at longer range. Caution – using your sights also degrades your speed of movement.

Fire Wisely
Shoot only if you have a chance of actually taking down your target. Don't just fire at distant enemy personnel because you can see them. If you do fire and miss, now they can see you. Wait until they are within a range of actually getting a kill before you fire.

Use Grenades
If your enemy has good cover, or you can't tell exactly where he is, toss a grenade his way to flush him out or soften him up for a rush attack. It's really good to use a grenade when you encounter a group of enemy.

Reload Often
Don't wait until you run out of ammo. Get to a stopping point with some cover, and reload so that you won't get stuck in the middle of a firefight with no bullets (rounds).

Don’t Shoot Armored Vehicles with Your Assault Rifle
You’re wasting ammo and, more importantly, you are giving away your position. Your bullets won’t penetrate an armored vehicle’s armor. Let an Anti-tank (AT) kit squad member know the location of the vehicle so it can be destroyed.

Be Patient
Sometimes players get so focused they forget to look around and see what else is around. Slow down and be deliberate in your movement. See who can get YOU before they can score an easy kill.

Be Flexible
Different situations require different kits. For example, if there is enemy armor, your going to be invaluable with the anti-tank kit. Be flexible and willing to change your duty position to address the situation.

There are multiple ways to communicate with your teammates. The integrated methods are: text messaging, voice (VoIP), commo roses, and orders from your squad leader (e.g. move, attack, etc...).

Watch Your Messages
Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who still choose to use text messaging. So watch your screen. Your teammates or Squad Leader may be talking to you!

Battlefield 2 Specific Considerations

Shoot for the Head
Even if you aren't a sniper, fire at someone's head rather than at their body. Some players are wearing body armor, depending on the unit class of the enemy. The body armor will take several rounds to penetrate.

Switch to Your Pistol
If you find yourself out of ammo in your main weapon, and your enemy is still not down, it is faster to pull out your pistol and use it than to wait on reloading.

Switch to Your Knife
If you are at very close range, try switching to knife. It will take out your enemy quicker than firing at them. One hit and he is dead.

"Spot" Often
Let your teammates know where the enemy is by spotting them. Go to your commo rose feature (default Q key). Look and select the center option. If the Heads Up Display (HUD) (top right corner) is presenting "?" question marks on your enemy spottings, you are not putting the cross hairs on the target when spotting. Sometimes the enemy is behind a building or moving really fast and you will not be able to get a good spot. Put the cross hairs close to the target, right click the spot option on the commo rose, a drop down menu will appear with enemy types like tank, sniper, and helicopter, and select the desired type of enemy. Using the right click feature will communicate your sighting to all of your teammates,

Buy a Microphone
You and your teammates will have a better gaming experience by using VoIP. Talking in a concise professional manner is much faster than typing and it can be a lot of fun sharing chatter of just having launched an enemy soldier 15 feet into the air by the effective use of a sabot round from your tank's main gun. Luckily, most PR players have a microphone.

Friend or Foe
There is the ever-present blue, green, or red tag hovering over a soldier or vehicle that just won’t go away. It tells you if he is a good guy or a bad guy. Blue is good and on your team, green is good and in your squad, red is bad and begs to be exterminated. Put the red tagged devils out of their misery promptly. Use your cross hairs to interrogate the target and the tag should show up. The tag also tells you the screen name, both friend and foe. It is also important to watch for the uniform color. The Chinese/MEC uniforms are dark, while the US uniforms are light.

Here is a similar thread that discusses the different features and considerations of going from BF2 to PR:

See you on the Battlefield!

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Welcome to the forums mate thats a good way to start :)

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Thanks for the welcome. I have enjoyed watching some of your on-demand BF2 broadcasted matches.

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