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zet0r created a new topic ' H1Z1 hype' in the forum. 18/09/2014

Still waiting for this game to be released!
But let us be ready when the launch comes.
Hopefully the game is gona be everything that DayZ should have been and more.
We shall pick a server and build up the strongest team of players on it!

PS. Lets try to be friendly and dont play it like its a deathmatch. But of course, if your life is in danger there are no rules in war.

zet0r created a new topic ' Dont forget Planetside 2' in the forum. 18/09/2014

We should realy try to get a few people together and play this!
By playing alone this game can be hard to figure out how to realy enjoy.
But if you get a squad of guys and meet up on ts this game can be amaizing.
1st person shooter with 2k players on the same server should say enough.

If you got a PC that can handle it, you should go and download it ASAP.
The faction and server you will create a character for is "New Conglomerate" on the server: Cobalt

zet0r created a new topic ' Archeage' in the forum. 18/09/2014

I am gona test and see if Archeage is enjoyable.
It is a MMORPG and im not realy into those kind of games, but I will get it a shot.
I will later update in this thread about what server I will be joining.

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