26 Jan 2023

AMD's Ryzen 7 5800X has dropped to £200 on Amazon UK

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X has dropped again on Amazon UK, this time to £200 when you buy stock from Amazon EU. That's £20 below the next-best price and a fair deal for a strong eight-core 16-thread CPU for gaming and content creation.

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26 Jan 2023

Whoa, this 27-in 1440p 144Hz monitor is $180

Amazon US is running a Lightning Deal today that's worth knowing about: just $180 for a 27-in 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor from Innocn. This brand is one I've covered before - my colleague John Linneman was impressed with both a portable OLED and a 40-inch ultrawide from the Chinese company - so it's definitely worth trying in my view.

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26 Jan 2023

Cook Serve Forever demo lets you start meal prep ahead of April's early access

I am fond of Cook, Serve, Delicious!, a trilogy of cooking games which became increasingly ambitious until the third was about operating a food truck on a post-apocalyptic road trip.

Cook Serve Forever looks more ambitious again. It's a new game from the same developers with similar combo-tapping food prep at its core, but set in a new solarpunk city. As of today, there's a demo you can play and an early access release date set for April.

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26 Jan 2023

Hitman World Of Assassination is out, combining Hitman 1-3 and adding new roguelike mode

Hitman 3's long-awaited Freelancer mode is finally out, letting you play missions from across the trilogy with randomised objectives and other roguelike elements. Hitman 3 is also now called Hitman: World Of Assassination and its multitude of editions, bundles and DLCs have been combined and simplified. As a result, every Hitman 3 owner now has access to all the levels from Hitman 1 and 2, if they didn't already.

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26 Jan 2023

Procedural road trip Road 96 is getting a psychadelic rhythm prequel

Road 96 was a road trip where your journey was assembled from parts and each attempt to reach the border of a fictional USA-alike played out differently. Now it's getting a prequel. Road 96: Mile 0 stars Zoe, one of the hitchhikers who could join you in the original, and her best friend Kaito, and features "psychadelic musical rides."

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The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Full Demo on...

The Matrix Awakens Experience is built using Unreal Engine 5 and some of the characters shown look almost indistinguishable from the real thing....

BF2 Classic map KAKEN Unreal engine 4 reset


ESL AVA: Demolition September Cup : HighLights!

PLEASE RED DESCRIPTIONESL and Rush-Zone would like to present you a HighLights from our September AVA Tournament. *I am sorry for the quality, but...

sT0n3r unizo's Video 13/07/2020

[Black Squad] Manspider Digest #1

Just dumping my shadowplay clips. Hopefully more to come. :)

Reflections Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo | Project...

Peek into the future of real-time computer graphics with “Reflections,” the first demonstration of real-time raytracing in Unreal Engine 4 using...

website is back online .. updates are on the way

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I know twitch must make money, but forcing these new ads every-time you watch a stream is beyond a joke, It seems twitch.tv has gone down the route of injecting there ads into the html player, in doing so they made it get pass ublock origin + adblock ect so you now have to use Twitch 5 addon, this does remove all current ads and also is a lot faster and uses less ram , win win

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