18 Oct 2021

Dell's 1440p 240Hz Alienware monitor is back to £550

The Dell Alienware AW2721D is one of our top recommended monitors, sitting right in the emerging 1440p 240Hz sweet spot preferred by players of fast-paced shooters and racing titles. Right now, the monitor has returned to the lowest price we've ever seen for it, £550, down from a nominal RRP of over £800.

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18 Oct 2021

Exclusive: Here's how you'll know which games will run on Valve's Steam Deck

Valve have always maintained that the Steam Deck is closer to a conventional PC than a handheld console, and as such should be able to run your existing library of games on Steam. But while the official Steam Deck Twitter is full of videos showing games performing well on dev kits, the compatibility status of many more games remains up in the air. That could just be through a lack of confirmation, or it could be deep-lying technical issues relating to hardware requirements or anti-cheat services that needed tweaks to work on the Deck’s Proton-based OS. Ahead of the planned December launch, Valve have unveiled their plan to bring clarity on whether specific games will be able to run (and run effectively) on the Steam Deck.

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18 Oct 2021

Get a WD Blue 4TB SSD for just $339 at Newegg - $50 off its normal price

The WD Blue SATA SSD is a great choice if you want a lot of fast storage at a cheap price, and today Newegg are offering $50 off the giant 4TB size when you use the code EMC2AAZA827. This knocks the price to $339, the cheapest we've seen a 4TB drive in some time and $40 below the current Amazon price.

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18 Oct 2021

Into The Pit review: a gorgeous roguelike shooter that sadly descends into comfortable familiarity

You know how some games, like, throb? I mean your Thumpers, your Devil Daggers, your Dooms. Games you disappear into, but not in that namby pamby, prancing around fulfilling all your desires sense. I mean games that will eat you alive unless you stop them. Games set in pulsating, hostile dimensions in which you don’t belong; games that fling their menageries at the battered windows of your soul, where survival teeters on a combo of hair-trigger reflexes and total concentration.

Into The Pit is one of those, until it isn’t. You know you’re in trouble when the demonic eldritch hell portal starts feeling too comfortable.

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18 Oct 2021

Monster Hunter Rise PC vs Switch: how the demo compares

The recent launch of the Monster Hunter Rise demo on PC has given us a free look at how this soon-to-be-former Nintendo Switch exclusive will run and play when it releases in full in January 2022. This calls, naturally, for some screenshot comparisons.

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BF2 Classic map KAKEN Unreal engine 4 reset


ESL AVA: Demolition September Cup : HighLights!

PLEASE RED DESCRIPTIONESL and Rush-Zone would like to present you a HighLights from our September AVA Tournament. *I am sorry for the quality, but...

sT0n3r unizo's Video 13/07/2020

[Black Squad] Manspider Digest #1

Just dumping my shadowplay clips. Hopefully more to come. :)

Reflections Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo | Project...

Peek into the future of real-time computer graphics with “Reflections,” the first demonstration of real-time raytracing in Unreal Engine 4 using...

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