25 May 2022

Chinese RPG Codename: Wandering Sword merges pixel art with 3D graphics

Chinese indie studio Xiameng are bringing a Wuxia martial arts RPG to the West with Codename: Wandering Sword, which looks like a pixel art version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The game's graphics riff on the ‘HD-2D’ style of RPG that Square Enix introduced with Octopath Traveler. Have a watch of the trailer below.

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25 May 2022

Ghibli-esque MMO Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has launched on PC

Level 5 and Netmarble’s free-to-play massively multiplayer JRPG Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has finally arrived outside of Japan today. The Studio Ghibli-tinged MMO originally launched in June last year, making $100 million (£80 million) in the first 11 days after launch. That’s more than Pokémon GO and Genshin Impact managed.

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25 May 2022

The Cycle: Frontier touches down on Steam and Epic Games Store in June

Free-to-play science fiction PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier will begin its ‘pre-season’ phase on June 8th, developers Yager have revealed today. Season one will then launch on June 22nd, bringing the extraction shooter’s full complement of ‘Fortuna’ season pass rewards along with it. Check out the launch trailer below.

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25 May 2022

Roller Champions is a wheely good time but may stumble at the start line

Roller Champions is a free-to-play rollerbasketderbyball mash-up that's been a long time coming. I mean, Matt Cox (RPS in peace) said it was the best game at E3 2019 when it was due out in early 2020. Then it got delayed to early 2021. And now the game's first season has - *double checks* - finally arrived.

So, Ollie, Liam, and I strapped on our skates and jumped into a few games to see how it's getting on. Ollie had some experience with the game before, while Liam and I went in totally blind. We all emerged from our play sesh glowing with praise albeit with a tinge of worry. Would it get any traction, or quickly succumb to the cheery sports game curse?

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25 May 2022

V Rising sinks its teeth into offline mode with a hotfix today

Offline servers are finally arriving for vampiric Steam sensation V Rising as part of a hotfix today. Developers Stunlock announced the changes on the V Rising Discord and Twitter this morning. It looks fairly straightforward to enable the new mode so I’ll run through that for you.

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The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Full Demo on...

The Matrix Awakens Experience is built using Unreal Engine 5 and some of the characters shown look almost indistinguishable from the real thing....

BF2 Classic map KAKEN Unreal engine 4 reset


ESL AVA: Demolition September Cup : HighLights!

PLEASE RED DESCRIPTIONESL and Rush-Zone would like to present you a HighLights from our September AVA Tournament. *I am sorry for the quality, but...

sT0n3r unizo's Video 13/07/2020

[Black Squad] Manspider Digest #1

Just dumping my shadowplay clips. Hopefully more to come. :)

Reflections Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo | Project...

Peek into the future of real-time computer graphics with “Reflections,” the first demonstration of real-time raytracing in Unreal Engine 4 using...

website is back online .. updates are on the way

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I know twitch must make money, but forcing these new ads every-time you watch a stream is beyond a joke, It seems twitch.tv has gone down the route of injecting there ads into the html player, in doing so they made it get pass ublock origin + adblock ect so you now have to use Twitch 5 addon, this does remove all current ads and also is a lot faster and uses less ram , win win

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