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16 October 2013
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Crysis 2 Full Game Configurator Version 5.2 This program is to be used with the Crysis 2 it allows you to configure settings that are not in the in game menus.

I have been writing this program and releasing versions throughout the demo...
Versions 1 to 4 (demo versions) have in total now had around 20,000 downloads!!!!

Thanks to everyone that is supporting the tool. I will continue to support the tool as much as I can.
Please read the changelog, How to and FAQ below before using the tool or asking questions.
Found a bug or want to suggest something? Follow me on twitter:

Version 5.1 introduces latest version checking - it will connect to our website and tell you if there is a new version out.

If you like the tool and want to show your gratitude then you can make a small donation via paypal, donations aren’t necessary and I don’t expect to get any. Many hours of programming and testing have gone into this tool and will continue to do so if the demand for the tool is there. This tool has been built for the good of the PC community, not to make money, but every little helps! I am also planning other tools and projects for Crysis 2, BF3 and other pc games that are on the horizon.

Thanks for all of your support and keep on PC gaming :)

- Updated due to Crytek updating the cvars....
- Cvars now seem to work properly in MP
- Fov is limited to 80 now
- Will update the program to run on my improved config brink code base possibly at a later date

- Enable disable checkboxes bug fixed
- Fov moved to graphics tab to create more space for levels
- HDR Level added
- Bloom Level added
- SSAO added
- Post MSAA added
- Version checker - the program will check for a new version when loaded, it will connect to our website and check the version number against the latest version, if a newer version is avaliable it will ask you if you want to be taken to the download page, if you click yes then it will take you to the page in your default browser.

- Program updated for the full version of the game - it will overwrite or create an autoexec.cfg in the games root folder with all the settings in
- You do not have to launch the game through the program each time due to the autoexec.cfg created
- New Tab added - Graphics and Adv Graphics, Graphics sets up the basic settings and then adv graphics allows you to tweak specific settings
- Debug Mode now redundant but currently left in the program, will possibly be removed in future, if you turn debug mode on then the settings you add are not saved to the autoexec.cfg

- The core program code has been totally re written to be more flexible and easier for me to maintain.
- Profile that is saved has been re modelled - v3 profile is not compatible with v4.
- Enable buttons have been put next to each setting; you must check the ones you want to turn on and then select the value.
- Debug Mode added – this is for advanced users – Use at your own risk! – It won’t do any harm to the game but I suggest if you don’t know about console commands then don’t use it! It enables you to add in your own settings to the launch sequence. If you want to add your own settings then I would suggest you enable all of my settings first and then enable debug mode, this will allow you to then save the full debug mode settings and be able to edit, add your own, save + apply and then launch the game.
- GUI has been moved around, locked down and re-styled slightly
- Bug Fixed from v3 - Set path forces you to set the Crysis 2 exe rather than any random file.
- Default settings changed – everything is in the 0 state to start and mouse sensitivity has been increased and FOV reduced slightly.
- Mouse smoothing option added
- Mouse invert option added
- VSync option added

- Game can now be launched from the program, once settings have been chosen and saved you can click Launch Game and the game will load - .bat script no longer used - this will fix peoples issues :)
-When you click Save Config your config will be saved and when you re load the program to launch the game again it will automatically load back in - this allows you to quickly tweak settings. Make sure that when you change settings you click Save before launch game, or the settings will not be applied
-Full screen/window mode added to misc set Full Screen to 0 for window mode

-Tabbing added
-Simpler instructions added
-Logo added
-Separated buttons out – first find the Crysis2Demo.exe and then write the config
-Mouse Sensitivity can be enabled or disabled. Un checking the box means that the previous/ ingame value will be used.
-Bloom/HDR option added – multiple variables set that makes the game less shiny
-Motion Blur – now seems to disable
-Multi GPU option added – if you have more than 1 GPU set to 1
-Multi Core CPU option added – if you have a multi core processor set to 1
-FSAA - Full Screen Anti-Aliasing option added
-UseEdgeAA - controls the level of edge blurring set to 0 for least
-Anisotropy Filtering option added
-TextureFilter option added – set to bilinear for least
-Shadows option added – 0 turns them off
-Enemy Player Hit Feedback option added – should makes a thud noise when you hit a player with bullets

How to Use:
1. Download and run
2. Click Set Exe Path and find and select Crysis2.exe
3. Enable the settings you want to use and set the values!
4. If you want to add more of you own commands now go to the debug tab and enable debug mode – NOTE when you have enabled debug mode and click save it will save what you have in the debug window only. If you close the program and re open it, it will reload the debug settings only! If you then turn off debug mode you will have to re setup the settings you want – I will possibly change this in future.
5. Once you have selected your settings click Save and Apply Config
6. Once you have saved and applied the config click launch game!
7. Once you have finished your game close the program – when you want to play again open the program back up and click Launch game, this will launch the game with your previous settings that you saved!

- Will the v5 program work with the v5.1 profile? No it wont, do not use the v5 profile.
- I get a green/brown/black screen why? – Some of the graphics settings seem to cause this for me it’s a combination of HDR/Bloom on and AA on. Only way to solve this is to test and see what works for you!
- I want to restore the program settings to default how can i? – Only way currently is to quit the program and delete this file - – it will be stored in the same place you run the program from. Then re open the program and the settings will be default.
- I think I have found a bug – If you think you have found a bug or you have a suggestion tweet me –

Configurable Options:

Object Detail
Post Processing
Game Effects
Volumetric Effects
Crouch Toggle
Zoom Toggle
Mouse Acceleration
Mouse Sensitivity
Mouse Smoothing
Mouse Invert
HDR / Bloom Settings
Bloom Level
HDR Level
Motion Blur
Multi GPU
Multi Core CPU
Hit Player Sound Feedback
Sound Quality
Skip Intro
Full Screen
Skip Login

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