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Brink Configurator

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Brink Configurator v1.5

This program is to be used with the Brink it allows you to configure settings that are not in the in game menus.

Thanks to everyone that is supporting the tool and previous tools. I will continue to support the tool as much as I can.
This tool has been featured on fileplanet, steam and pcgamer and to date has had 25,000 downloads!

Please read the changelog, How to and FAQ below before using the tool or asking questions.

Found a bug or want to suggest something? Follow me on twitter:

If you like the tool and want to show your gratitude then you can make a small donation via paypal, donations are not necessary and I dont expect to get any. Many hours of programming and testing have gone into this tool and will continue to do so if the demand for the tool is there. This tool has been built for the good of the PC community, not to make money, but every little helps! I am also planning other tools for pc games that are on the horizon.

Softpedia 100% Safe

Thanks for all of your support and keep on PC gaming :)


- Upgraded and moved the Crysis 2 version of the code to now support brink
- Support for 27 cvars on day 1
- Latest version checking
- Hotfix! autoexec.cfg was not saving in the location you selected, it will now.
- Cvars didnt need = sign after them now fixed
- Toggle sprint added
- Custom resolutions should now work
- Various small tweaks in graphics tab
- Updated the: steam/userdata/*number*/22350/local/base message
- Show Intro option added so set to 0 to disable
- Added View effects
- Added Skip Particles
- Added Refresh Rate
- Added some tooltips
- Added Misc tab and moved some settings there
- Added threaded renderer
- Added lagometer
- Fixed some checkboxes not working and minor gui fixes
- Changed fov command as per the patch, now working
- Added decal option
- Added view distance option
- Added Enemy tint enabled option
- Disabling shadows will now disable your own shadow also
- Major changes to the backend to allow for features below
- Profile of the program is saved to an xml file called BrinkConfigProfile.xml . This should allow new versions of the program to copy over your previous settings to the new version...
- Some settings were not saving to the profile of the program in previous versions of the program, no one picked this up as it was saving to the autoexec but not to the profile, this should now be fixed with the introduction of the xml
- Reset config to default button, will reset all of the cvars back to the default settings
- Height of program shrunk and width increase so smaller resolutions are supported down to 800x600, possibly change to a resizeable window in future
- Sound tab merged with the misc tab
- XBOX 360 Controller tab added, now support for the controller and the bindings, i can't support the bindings part as i dont own a controller. Enable the support and then you can modify the binds if you want to, this will create an extra cfg called xbox360Controller.cfg and will exec when the game is loaded.
- Enable alt + enter cvar added under misc, this allows you to use ALT+ENTER to swap between windowed and fullscreen mode ingame
- More tool tips added
- Note there are not many more valid cvars for the multiplayer game left that are useful

How to Use:
1. Download and run
2. Click Set path to steam user data local folder found here -> steam/userdata/*number*/22350/local/base
3. Enable the settings you want to use and set the values!
4. Once you have selected your settings click Save and Apply Config
5. Once you have saved and applied the config click launch game!

- What are the system requirements for this program to run? You will need net framework, most people will have this by default.
- What does view effects do? If set to 1, removes various view-related special effects like the damage effects (double vision). This can improve performance.
- What does skip particles do? If set to 1, this disables all particle effects, including smoke, fog, steam etc. This can dramatically improve performance in areas with these effects, however it can reduce realism greatly as well.
- Will there be more versions? Yes there will be! I will try and get as many versions out as possible, if you want a cvar in the program then let me know!
-Whats the max FOV value? Its 110 max
- I think I have found a bug?  If you think you have found a bug or you have a suggestion tweet me @

Configurable Options:
Crouch Toggle
Zoom Toggle
Raw Mouse Input
Mouse Sensitivty
Mouse smoothing
Mouse invert
Allow Console
Machine Spec
Custom resolution width
Custom resolution height
Show FPS
Motion Blur
Anti Aliasing
Texture Filtering
Soft Particles
Post Processing
Optimized Shadows
Sound Occlusion
Number of speakers
Sprint Toggle
View Effects
Skip Intro
Skip Particles
Refresh Rate
Threaded Renderer
View Distance
Enemy Tint Enabled
Alt and Enter
XBOX 360 Controller support

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