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Thanks for the welcome, pretty scunnered with wasting all they hours as a player then spending the best part of 16 hours a day spectating to catch badguys for him to wipe everything and not even say prior to doing it :(

I know i was a new admin to him (admined in several servers prior) I thought I'd have at least warranted a hey Im shutting down message.

I'll have a peek and see what scripts you have installed.

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Hey fellas, Joey bounced onto my TS3 server to say you guys have set up shop here; after Hollows inability to listen to anyone and him closing the server.

i used to admin there before he abruptly closed it without warning to his admin/players.

So here i am, I was pretty much about to just delete Arma and go back to Ark.

I suppose i can take a few days to try your server out.

Thanks for shouting me joey