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TF2 First Annual Saxxy Awards

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fptf2saxyThose playing TF2 have probably noticed the main screen changing, showing the upcoming Saxxy Awards accompanied by..erm..that sound...bit dubious isn't it? Those up to date with their update history will know the replay update was last, and the Saxxy Awards directly link with this update.

It's basically in a nutshell, an Oscar/Grammy/Britt awards rip off, for TF2 movies. The TF2 community has in the past produced some simply outstanding video's, which I think is helped by the fact the the official ones from Valve are fantastic.

The full list of categories for the awards are as follows:


1. Most Inventive Kill

2. Best Mid-air Murder

3. Biggest Massacre

4. Funniest Replay

5. Best Getaway

6. Best Revenge

7. Most Pwnage

8. Most Heroic

9. Players Choice

10. Best Set Design

11. Best Team Costume

12. Best Original Soundtrack

13. Best 30 Second Trailer

14. Best Coordinated Combat

15. Most Dramatic

16. Best Cinematography

17. Best Editing

18. Most Epic Fail

19. Most Extreme Stunt

20. Best Overall Replay

The categories them self provide scope for some epic action packed videos and I'm actually really looking forward to seeing mass production of TF2 videos. Some will be great, some will fail, and some will fail so hard its great! Regardless its things like this which keeps game communities going,
I really wish more companies would interact with their communities as much as Valve do, they are aware they are not perfect but their interactions really do rock - and I'm sure all would agree with that.

For rules and more information head over to SaxxyAwards and to submit a video simply fire up TF2 and hit the submit button - its really very easy to do and there is no excuse for not entering - I'm sure there will be hats involved somewhere down the line :)

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