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E.S.L Battlefield 2 Nations Cup 2010, Germany vs Alpen

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E.S.L Battlefield 2 Nations Cup 2010, France vs Poland

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fprtvbf2bannerBlasting bombs and rockets, hot fire of machineguns and rifles, dust and the sound of hell when the tank drives by. Speedy jeeps and endless salvos of the antiair. Let's play and enjoy Battlefield 2 Conquest, together! Join this community event and play with mixed teams in a skillful clanwar. Set your name on the list and be ready for the 14th august 2011! The whole event is supported by a live stream from RushTV!, come and say your fairwell to Battlefield 2 and lets hope we can have many more years of streaming and fun with the upcoming Battlefield 3.

Put your name on the list and be ready for the 14th august 2011! The whole event is supported by a live stream from RushTV! To answer the upcoming questions, just check out the following answers!

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fpeslbrinkWith the ESL Brink Championship entering a decisive phase, ESL TV has prepared something special for all the supporters. Both semi-final matches will be broadcasted live in the exclusive Brink TV show featuring no other than Joe Miller. The person to join him in the studio will be mousesports' Brink player - Josh 'Josh' Lee.

Brink Championship Semi Finals

There will be two shows presenting one of the two semi-finals each. Apart from the live streams of the matches the shows will also include a short introduction and review of the tournament, an analysis of the played matches so far and an overall summary of the tournament.

      Mon, 25/07/11 21:30 CEST

Rush-Zone wOoHoOdY vs. sGs Gaming

      Tue, 26/07/11 21:00 CEST

Team Hardware4u vs. Epsilon eSports
All the Brink fans will be able to enjoy the show on ESL TV. The winners of the semi-finals will face at gamescom to compete in the ESL Brink Championship grand final, where a share of 15,000 Euro is at stake.

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RushTV ESL Battlefield 2The wait is finally over and Today Sunday 1st May 2011 Rush-TV and ESL bring you the Battlefield 2 Spring Cup for one night only!

Battlefield 2 is a tough dog to put down and is still attracting intrest from the competitive community and is STILL going on strong - and you can catch all the action LIVE over on Rush TV this evening. While there are not really many - if any - teams still actively playing BF2 competitively, there has been a lot of interest from the 'old skool' players and clans which has lead to a decent turn out and what should be some excellent gameplay for everyone to watch.

Battlefield 3 is far away, and I know you are ALL dying to play it - but for now lets remember the game that made so many of us fall in love with the Battlefield franchise, and show our friends over at EA and DICE that they would be foolish to ignore the e-sports community by coming together for events like this!

See you all on the battlefield, and thanks to ESL and justin.tv for letting Rush-TV bring this event to you today! tune in around 18.00gmt 19.00cet for all the action.

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fprtvbf2bannerIts that time of year again, The 2010 E.S.L Battlefield 2 Nations Cup is here and of course Rush-Zone is the place to be this year to catch all the action LIVE and exclusive on RushTV. so get your popcorn and beer ready..

We will try to bring you as many matches as we possible can, but we cant do all the games, so who do you want to watch ??

I think tonight its probley going to be NL vs Ger due to the feedback i have had from X-Fire. The game should kick off at 21.00cet thats 20.00 uk time RushTV will be streaming live community videos before the games so please join the channel earley

RushTV Live

Without further ado, here are your captains for this year's Country Championships:

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bc2-bannerThe first cups on ESL for Battlefield Bad Company 2 are just kicking off, and with literally hundreds of teams signed up for both the 8v8 conquest and 4v4 squad rush modes, players everywhere will be looking forward to putting the recently released game through it's paces to see whether or not BFBC2 has what it takes to survive as a competitive scene.

As with all games a good start is always important, and Team Rush managed just that with a convincing win over Prediction Gaming's squad noCrysis. The team, consisting of Crasher, Fchen, Silenthawk and Nad, were seen off by Duky, Mr. Pig, Dusteh and St0n3r, who won the match 5 rounds to 1, giving them the honour of being the first team in the group to chalk up 3 points.

This is a great start for the team, and with i39's £2500 BFBC2 tournament just weeks away is an important confidence boost. Let's hope this is the first win of many to come!

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