Thursday, 02 June 2011 15:02

SC2: Heart of the Swarm

fpstarcraftheartswarmDays of rumours, leaked releases, and the usual mix of lies and missinformation - Blizzard has finally came out and made a full on preview page regarding Starcraft 2's second campaign in the planned trillogy - Heart of the Swam. Big news is - Kerrigan is clearly back, something certainly happend when that Xel'Naga artifact went off at the end of the first campaign - Wings of Liberty - as the Queen of Blades is no more and the Kerrigan you see in the reveal is what we now have. What exactly went on, we may never know, at least not until Heart of the Swarm is released.

In the preview missions which can be found over at Blizzard's official HotS page. Kerrigan can be seen actively trying to regain control of the Zerg Broods, which have scattered into isolation after the demise of the Queen of Blades. Along with gathering the Broods together, there is glimpses of further genetic mutations for Zerg units than what we have ever seen before...while she may no longer be know as the Queen of Blades...has Kerrigan turned into something more dangerous than anyone ever expected? We'll have to wait and see when Heart of the Swarm is release on....well released on typical Blizzard "when its ready" time line - some things never change...

fpbattlefield3-bannerMartin ‘nKM’ Bowman comes out from his study hole to examine Battlefield 3 and what DICE needs to get right to bring him back from Real Life to competitive gaming.

It’s been a while since I played a competitive game of anything lately – like many others of my age my online persona has succumbed to the realities of real life; getting my academic house in order, getting my bills paid and spending my rare moments of quality time with the missus. Other than trolling Call of Duty 4 public servers and bantering with the pub heroes out of sheer boredom, I really haven’t considered gaming at all.

Some could say I gave up after the efforts of putting Bad Company 2 in the spotlight and achieving nothing of significance for my peers in the Battlefield community. Everyone who watched my forays into gaming journalism knows how disappointed I was to see my beloved FPS series crash and burn under the weight of broken promises and lack of competitive functionality; I watched the once burgeoning competitive BF scene shrink over time to a shrivelled, nonsensical and ultimately disappointing shadow of its former self. Retreating to the relatively stable routine of studying endless Cisco modules and IT systems at University actually came as some sort of a relief to me.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011 18:45

Ghost Recon Online

fpghostreconYup not only do we have MW3 news, we also have Ghost Recon news today too.

Sadly no update on GR;Future Soldier came today, but rather Ubisoft announced their new "freemium" shooter Ghost Recon: Online. The game has been officially confirmed as free to play from day one, with a launch penciled in late 2011 - and guess what guys - a summer beta! Hit up their main site over HERE and get signed up now.

Ghost Recon is a 3rd person tactical shooter, and what better way to start describing it to you than a trailler?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011 04:11

Zombies are back in Dead Island

fpdeadislandZombies Zombies and more Zombies The game is the highly anticipated zombie shooter come RPG from developer Technland with an interesting “real survival” twist. We'll kick things off with a nice little video walkthrough to give you an idea of what the game is like - it's looking very sweet!.
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