Thursday, 14 July 2011 18:19

IPL2 - The Europeans Invade

fpstarcraftbannerToday marks the beginning of IGN's Pro SC2 league, the IPL - cunningly named the IPL2. The second season looks to follow the high production value of the original season, and during the qualifying phase IGN has been trying to expand the amount of casters available to give viewers or more varied commentary when they are watching games. The second season, and possibly the biggest aspect of it, marks the opening of the IPL to players in Europe. IPL 1 was North American only, but for season 2 we get to see some of the European grandmasters go over and show the Americans how it is done. Fan favourites such as White-Ra, Bratok and LaLush, line up against the Americans along with Fury, Merz, and many more European qualifiers.

Friday, 08 July 2011 13:12

Planetside 2 Revealed by Sony

fpps2Back in 2003 I was pretty hooked with a bunch of mates on a game called Planetside. It was the first full on attempt to do the dirty work of merging the terms "MMO" and "FPS" together, and what a cracking game it was. Over the last few years SOE have been working on the follow up, cunningly named Planestside 2, and over on there has been a little counter going ever so slowly down to zero...and this is what we got when it reached the end.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 23:01

Meet the Medic - Now for FREE!

fpmeetthemedicRecently TF2 has been hitting the headlines with the announcment of its new "Meet The Medic" patch. The patch has the usual host of guns, hats, sticks, knives, swords, bundles, name it, the patch has it. Big news of the patch though is you can now login to Steam and find you can download TF2 - for free!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 22:20

Tribes Acended

fptribesacendWant a bit more than the parkour in Brink? Take sliding to the extreme in the newest addition to the ever popular PC series Tribes, with Hi-Rez Studios new title Tribes:Ascended.  The Tribes series has always been a straight up shooter concentrating on multiplayer only, with the series gimmik being each player is equipped with a jetpack which they can hurtle themself across the map with, and gaining enough speed allows players to "slide" across the landscape at incredible speeds making for a pretty unique playstyle in every match.

Big change for Tribes:Ascended is....this one won't cost you a penny to play! Yes after the flop Global Agenda was (Hi-Rez's Studios last game which is free to play on Steam), it is good to see the developers still see the great potential behind making a game free to play - and as a gamer on a budget, free is always a eye opening word I'm sure you will all agree. Tribes is also another eye opener, so to see the two together really gets me excited about the game...and did I mention its currently PC only? *shock*

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